The Guest List – Verdict: Degree course in wedding despair

Wednesday, 10 April, 2002


Anna’s getting married, and she has a secret. Her fiancé accepts it, but for her
father Mario, it’s a catastrophe.

Rosa (Carole Taylor) and Mario (Antony Gray) are a couple who’ve run the limit of a long marriage. Mario’s violence and gambling have exhausted Rosa’s patience, and she’s reluctantly ready to check out the middle-aged male talent, including his
best friend Stan (Stanley Sola).

Their daughters Jade (Maria Cassidy) and Anna (Sandra Japal) couldn’t be less alike:
Jade’s pugnacious and up for a fight with Dad at any opportunity. Anna’s a real
father’s girl, which makes her final revelation the more devastating. Andrea Bardi
completes the excellent cast, doubling as Marcus and Jo, bouncer and Anna’s
prospective husband.

The Guest List follows the final days before the wedding, and aptly threads the
panic of preparation with this powerful tale of a family blasting itself apart.

Written by by Carole Taylor and The Living Art Theatre Co.
Lean and elegant direction by Steve Harris.  Skilful lighting by Elizabeth Maddison.

John Park

Wednesday 10 April 2002



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