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Winter Clothes

Friday, 8 January, 2010

Keeping warm, looking cool

Wendy Thomson has suggestions for the essential winter look

It can be difficult to look stylish when it’s so cold that you need to wear several layers, and achieve the Michelin Man effect.  But I like the clothes of the winter season.


Winter weather is an excuse to wear knee length boots, which are generally appreciated by the opposite sex.  Real or imitation leather, suede or faux fur they invite imagination based on what little is seen of legs between the top of the boots and the skirt/dress/top.  Most boots have heels.  Added height makes legs look longer and slimmer.  What the casual observer doesn’t know is I’ve got thick socks on.  Over tights.  And it took me five minutes to do up the boot zips!  I could be wearing Wellingtons.

Frequently I wear UGGs – having succumbed to the ‘everyone else has them so maybe there’s a reason for it?’ mentality – they are nice warm sheepskin boots – but not waterproof.  I pray to the God of Practical Fashion to deliver UGG wellies.  And while he’s at it, more trousers with pockets.  Amen.


Knee length, calf length, and ankle length – each is relatively flattering and a welcome change from ubiquitous jeans.  With the correct denier of tights they can be much warmer than trousers.  Winter skirts come in thick fabrics including polyester, wool, nylon, or various blends of these materials.  Velvet looks good at winter not just for skirts but also dresses and jackets.  In rich warm shades of purple, green, red and brown.


Obviously there are some awful ones at Christmas and I don’t need to look like Bridget Jones and wear one knitted by my mum with a reindeer on it – although I won’t miss the chance to meet Colin Firth in a matching woolie.  There are lovely sweaters made of soft wools in bright colours.  A good jumper feels like snuggling into a warm bed.  The size should be more sleeping bag than king size duvet.


I love coats.  A well cut coat makes a big difference to an outfit.  If you purchase a ‘strong’ coat in loud colours or patterns then avoid wearing clashing items on your lower half.  The alternative is to have some fun.  When the snow’s falling down like lumps of marshmallow, put on a padded ski jacket and feel as cosy and muffled as Kenny from South Park to play in the elements.  After heavy snowfall why not try urban snowboarding?  With a scarf over your mouth and hood up, who will know you’re the wrong side of thirty throwing yourself down that hill in the park, street or town centre.  Wayhey!

Thermal underwear

Marks and Spencer sell some nice sets.  Pink is available.

Ultimately clothes should enhance our natural figures not distort them.  Sculptors eternalise the sensual flow of fabric covering a graceful body by chipping away at cold hard marble – so anything is possible for warm flesh.

(c) Wendy Thomson Wednesday 2010