Cooking and Cabaret

Sunday, 9 May, 2010

Cleaning, cooking, saucy singing

Brighton – Laughing Horse @ The Temple – 1 May 2010 – 9 May 2010 13.45 (1.00)

There are two women, one does stand up as a cook and a cleaner, the other does cabaret singing and jokes, in a one hour show.  The venue is packed and intro music plays while the round pub tables are cleaned by a brunette lady wearing a blue overall dress coat and pink trainers.  On one corner of the stage is a microphone stand with burgundy satin material draped from the ceiling.  In the middle is a table covered by a pink cloth.  Cooking apparatus are on it, including a hob and baking trays.  Elizabeth Mee as Pamela Mee is the cleaner and she makes jokes about her surname, with children called Utereus, Roger and Ewan.  She explains that Marysia will come on soon to sing (who is behind a door offstage interrupting Pamela with instructions) and Latitia will come to do the cooking.  Pamela Mee seemed nervous – more used to Domestos than entertaining while Marysia gets dressed but she’s quick with the funnies.  Including some quips about accountants – her ex boyfriend was a tough one, he had PAYE and VAT tattooed on his knuckles but they broke up when he asked for double entry.

When Pamela departs Marysia Trembeck walks on stage, she is tall, blonde and elegant wearing a figure hugging red dress and red high heel shoes.  These are accessorised with long black velvet gloves and a honeycomb coloured hat with a black veil and red flowers on top.  A confident performer Marysia Trembeck leaves plenty of time for people to laugh.  The songs are a mixture of musical classics and comedy.  She sings Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend with the usual lyrics but ends it at Tiffanys and adds dot com.  Marysia Trembeck says she is Polish.  One of her songs is called ‘An English Man Needs Time’ comparing them to other nationalities.  Another song is called the ‘Masochism Tango’.  All the music is timed perfectly well – Alex Petty is the sound technician.  Marysia Trembeck makes jokes about being a single woman, one night stands and the walk of shame home.  She includes topical political jokes about MP’s and the PM but misses an opportunity to mention the hung parliament.  Marysia Trembeck talks about her love of cabaret, about orgasms and sings in French ‘La vie en rose’.  Marysia Trembeck also says that she is a life coach.  Not all songs are accompanied by music nor do they need to be as she sings very well in captivating, almost mesmeric performances.  The song ‘Let’s get physical’ plays and the cook enters blocking Marysia Trembeck from view.

Araminta the cook says modern life is all about celebrity and she’ll be recognised from her appearance on Mastermind in 2009.  She talks about other celebrity cooks such as The Delicious Miss Dahl, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith who, in her opinion, is a smug bitch.  She explains she’s standing in for Latitia who should be cooking today but can’t make it because her car is in a ditch.  Araminta is a fan of the WI, posh people and cooking.  Araminta thinks if parliamentary leaders could be types of food, what food would they be? and she discusses other subjects ranging from knitted burkas to calendar girls.

The finale involves actual baking with an unusual device used for icing.  The show gives a lot including laughter, music and chocolate.  Great fun.

Cast Credits: (alpha order):  Elizabeth Mee – Pamela Mee / Araminta. Marysia Trembeck – Marysia.

Company Credits:  Writer – Elizabeth Mee and Marysia Trembeck.  Director – Uncredited.  Music and Sound Design – Uncredited.  Technical Operator – Alex Petty.  Producer – Uncredited.  Company – Laughing Horse (www.laughinghorsecomedy.co.uk).  http://www.cookingandcabaret.com

(c) Wendy Thomson 2010

reviewed Saturday 8 May 2010


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