Frank Sanazi’s Comedy Bunker

Sunday, 9 May, 2010

Frank Sinatra meets A Hitler

Bunking off

Brighton – Freerange – 7 May 2010 – 8 May 2010 20.30 (1.30)

Frank Sanazi is a very funny merge of Hitler and Frank Sinatra.  It works – the performer does a great impersonation of both and is attractive as a blue eyes Führer.  Which is kind of worrying – who says that dictators aren’t sexy?  Frank Sanazi is the compère for this evening’s entertainment in the Freerange’s big circus tent where the outside has come inside with a tree growing by the seats.

Frank sings his version of ‘That’s Life’ as Third Reich with lyrics about Poland and Czechs.  Wearing a suit and bow tie he explains how he’s the Leader of the Iraqi pack and what he’s been watching on Jewtube.

Next song is ‘Strangers on my flight’ about terrorists on planes and he introduces Lewis Schafer.

Lewis Schaffer is a Jewish New Yorker who is happiest when moaning.  Good rapport with the crowd and he tells a lot of stories about Brooklyn, accusations of being gay and the differences between the countrymen of the UK.

Sanazi returns, complaining how he was thrown out of PC world and introduces Keith Platt the bigoted yorkshireman, complete with flat cap but missing whippet, who turns out to be not particularly prejudiced and in a heavy rasping voice delivers amusing observations about people wanting a scrap and the modern use of language.

Frank Sanazi returns with his daughter Nancy and her song ‘These jackboots are made for marching’.  She does a little dance which ends awkwardly on the floor, losing her blonde wig and unintentionally flashing her knickers under a short check shirt.  She’s rescued by daddy Sanazi who moves onto his final guest a Spanish singer called Wilfredo.

Wilfredo from Granada looks unattractive with a mop head black wig, buck teeth and high waist trousers.  His ‘sister’ is on guitar with the same teeth, knee high tights under shorts, hoop earrings.  They’re accompanied by a lovely looking lady on violin, from Bristol.

Wilfredo’s romantic songs aren’t particularly amusing, they revolve around piss taking of the Spanish.  He encourages the crowd to sing along with his subtle suggestion of ‘Come on you fuckers’.  Norman Wisdom meets Dwayne Dibley.

Unlike other acts on tonight’s bill who mock dictators and terrorists (fair game) Wilfredo invites derision of Andalucians.  Thought modern man was past that.  Seems like his act is, it’s funny because they’re foreign – ha ha, sticky out teeth, bad dress sense.  Fuck off.

Cast Credits: (alpha order): Performer – Frank Sanazi.  Performer – Nancy Sanazi.  Performer – Lewis Schaffer.  Keith Platt – Bigoted Yorkshireman.  Matt Roper – Wilfredo.

Company Credits:    Unknown.

(c) Wendy Thomson 2010

reviewed on Saturday 8 May 2010


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