The London New Music Awards 2010

Monday, 16 August, 2010

Battle of the Bands

The Dublin Castle, Camden, 94 Parkway, NW1 7AN
12th August 2010 7pm

Patrick Lyons put together a great line up for the first heat in the 2010 London New Music Awards. The seven acts covered many genres of music from acoustic singer/songwriter, to indie pop to heavy metal. Patrick Lyons compeered the evening with his poetic lyrics and smooth drawl. The night was a great success and each band will be hoping to get as many votes as possible in order to get through to the finals and be in with a chance to win the overall award.

See http://www.londonfestivalfringe.com for details on how to vote and upcoming gigs.

David Studdert


David Studdert sits on a stool bouncing his guitar on his knees in time with his tapping feet. He is a one-man show, singing his grievances in a lighthearted manner, covering such universal issues as being in debt and, eh, being a drug addicted police dog. His lyrics tell a story over regular, definite guitar strumming. David Studdert enjoys a bit of banter with the audience between songs, and takes the opportunity to plug his new record, The Lone Wolf.

CT Ringel


CT is a petite woman on the small stage in the backroom of the Dublin Castle. She takes to the stage with only her guitar. As soon as she unleashes her powerful voice it makes sense that she has the entire stage to herself. Her voice fills it. She performs her own music and her passion for the subjects is evident in every note. The mood of each song seems to span every emotional range, the depth of each being played out in CT’s expressive face. Within one song there can be anger, rage, vulnerability, sensuality, creepiness and then a little more anger. The star of the show is the voice, the guitar is overshadowed by it.

Penny Ballads

Band:  David Seal – lead guitar.  Robert Selby – singer/guitar/harmonica.  Albertino Woods – bass.

The Penny Ballads have a folksy-vibe, although that initial impression may have a lot to do with the visual and aural impact of the harmonica suspended in front of lead singer, Robert Selby’s face throughout the performance. The songs are melodic with strong bass lines. The trio found their flow after the first song and the instruments worked wonderfully together from then on. Robert Selby’s crisp voice shares the stage with several lead guitar solo’s and of course with the harmonica. The sound and look of this band is subtly unique.

The Cleaners

Band: Cosmos – drums. Tom Holden – Rhythm.  Bala Sahadevan – Baas.  Brittany Tkachute – Singer/Rhythm.

Singer Brittany Tkachute has returned to London from Canada to work with the band. As soon as she utters her first note on stage it is evident why the band would wait for her return. Her voice is exceptional. It is powerful and instructive at times, then soft and bluesy. She masters every note, from whisper to roar, always with melody and each note a pleasure to hear. Tom Holden proves he can also hold a note when he joins Brittany Tkachute on vocals in one of the songs. The instruments are perfectly in sync and make the transition from soft melody to pounding rock with an infusion of an almost SKA-quality with ease. The performance is infused with a justifiable self-confidence both instrumentally and vocally.

The New Cut Gang

Band: Patrick Dixon – drums.  Thomas Loxley – singer/guitar.  James Whatley – singer/bass.

Thomas Loxley and James Whatley share centre stage. Care has gone into every aspect of this band, their style, their moves on stage, and of course, the music. The instruments are played in time with each other all the time. The singers take turns singing some songs, and sing together in others. Both voices are unusual in being slightly higher than one would expect creating a pleasantly surprising and memorable effect, both individually and especially when they are heard together. The songs have regular, bass-heavy beats which entice feet to the dance floor. This band ticks every box.

Miss Scarlett

Band:  Aaron Loughnane – singer/guitar/sampler/keyboard/megaphone.  Mark Roland – guitar.  Rob White – Drums.  Snow Watkins – bass.

Miss Scarlett arrived in the small back room with their fan club in tow. By the time they performed their catchy third song, Tagging Along, it was evident that the fans were well deserved.  Aaron Loughnane, has a deep crisp voice and enough charisma on stage to be unphased at tripping his way back onto the stage having bounced off it moments earlier to sing and dance among the crowded dance floor. The timing of the music is seamless. The interplay between guitar, keyboard, sampler and drums creates different sounds from song to song. The megaphone is used sparingly but highly effectively, although the words are indecipherable. This band has a unique sound, great songs and puts on a great show.


Band: Juan Patallo – drums.  Tails – singer/guitar.

If you like your music hard and loud then you will love this band. Tails describes the band well when he says: ‘you don’t see many bands doing this on stage, do you?’ The duo uses a lot of improvisation during their performance. It is difficult to make out the lyrics such is the volume of the music, yet their message is simple: heavy rock. They were the last band to take to the stage and their many fans came out of the woodwork to fill the back room. They certainly ended the evening on a loud note.

(c)  Leanne O’Loughlin


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