Angela Unbound

Tuesday, 17 August, 2010

High-energy comedy

Leicester Square Theatre – 4-29th August (50 min)

Angela Unbound is a comedy 50 minutes long with no interval. The play takes place in a hotel room in Paris.

It starts with two characters. Charles Duprey is watching a strip-tease from the character Caroline Hopkins to music. Caroline dances using a feather boa. She strips down to a lace slip dress with underwear underneath. Judging from the uncomfortable manner and facial expression of Charles Duprey, it’s safe to assume that they are not a couple and that only one of them is enjoying the show.  Caroline introduces herself as the writer Mr McBain’s muse.

Caroline Hopkins’ broad Texan accent is a contrast to Charles Duprey’s typical French accent, which emphasis the difference in family backgrounds and education and adds a comedic mood of the play.

Charles Duprey is dressed in brown top and trousers with a yellow, cream and brown satin scarf around his neck. He clutches a leather document folder containing his résumé and references.

Caroline’s dialogue and flirtations are precise, indicating that this character is not to be dismissed as a typical dumb blond. She tries to get Mr Duprey to have sex with her or perform a sexual act.  She is aware that she is lacking in intellect, but is superior in using this image/reality to manipulate others.

There is a feel a of a constant battle, between her wants and the other’s resistance. This is typical slapstick comedy.

The set is simple, with a two-seater old fashioned couch, the type you would find in a classy hotel. There are two exit points off stage and out of view; one that leads to the balcony, the other leads to the bathroom where we can hear Daniel McBain, making noise. When Charles Duprey asks what he might be doing, Caroline’s response is that he is in the bath cleaning.

Daniel McBain’s character is not seen for about 15 minutes into the play, although we do hear his occasional curse towards Caroline Hopkins from off stage behind the door.

When he does emerge, he runs in to the room wielding a large plunger towards Caroline who runs out to the balcony, leaving only him and a scared Mr Duprey in the room.

Daniel McBain is wearing a turquoise satin gown with a colourful picture on the back, shorts and a vest and black under knee stockings. His hair is messy and he has a wild look in his eyes. He talks with a deep accent explains why a man from Chicago is more American that a man from New York

His dislike for Caroline and Charles ultimately drives them together. The relationship between him and Caroline is violent verbally and physically. If it was not for the explanation given earlier in the play you would wonder why they are sharing a room, and travelling to Paris together.

The drama between the characters continues with sex, violence, one-liners and a happy ending.

Cast: Peter Glover – Charles Duprey; Jonathan Hansier – Daniel McBain; Ewa Jaworski – Caroline Hoskins

Crew: William Whitehurst – Writer; Andy McQuade – Director; Kim Moakes – Assistant Director; Mara Adina – Graphic Art; Nika Khitrova – Scenography, costume and design; Ruth Perrin – Stage Manager / Technician; Corin Rhys Jones – Production associate; Anna Sbokou – Lighting designer; Press & PR by Chance Publicity

Reviewed 4 August 2010

(c) Claudia Nettleford

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