Stand-Up Showcase at the Hive

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010

Free Laughs

Edinburgh 2010 – Laughing Horse @ The Hive – 6-29 August – 20.45 (1.00)

The free comedy night takes place at The Hive – a multi-chambered venue which resides deep within the vaults under North Bridge and has now been converted into its present state as a bar/comedy club.  The show is an entirely free standup comedy night featuring a daily set list of performers.  The comedians perform a ten minute set each and are then given the opportunity to modestly plug their own full length shows.  The event is both organized as well presented by the charming, geek chic sporting Charlie Duncan.  He opened the show with what essentially was a pleasant little chat with the audience, offering them the chance to chat about their own shows.  After all, it is the fringe – a surreal event where you are never more than a stones throw away from at least twenty performers.  This does however open up a golden opportunity to all those intoxicated, attention-seeking individuals who regularly attend comedy nights.  The ones who sit right at the front, arms folded, staring down any performer foolish enough to attempt to entertain them.  Why do these people come to comedy nights if they don’t want to enjoy themselves?

As to be expected, the peanut gallery did not take long before making itself known.  The first guest performer Laura Carr didn’t even manage to get more than ten words out before getting heckled.  She handled it like a professional though and continued with her set, the majority of which consisted of adolescent anecdotes about her mother being a naturist.  A topic which starts off amusingly but unfortunately becomes quite tiresome rather quickly.  She then proceeded to ramble through a series of underdeveloped jokes which included defecating in Starbucks and masturbating to skins.  Now crudeness can be funny, but the majority of it unfortunately came across as crude for crudeness sake.

The next comic, Sy Thomas, started off slow as well.  He quickly found his footing however and warmed right up with jokes about the endlessly entertaining topic of public toilet tomfoolery.  Moving swiftly on, the show reached its peak by the time Rik Moore leapt onstage.  His material was slick and well rehearsed, and he fed the audience plenty of ever popular American jokes.

The show was closed by Nick Sun – a man who resembled Genghis Khan’s younger brother and spoke with a confusing Australian-Canadian accent, all of which he effectively uses to his benefit.  He continuously ridicules himself, adding a beautiful technique to the art of self deprecation.  His jokes, all of which seem to pertain to a somewhat depressing nature, are full of topical antidotes which successfully attempt to thrash you while you’re down…in the funniest way possible.

An entertaining hour of free comedy on the whole.  You’ll most definitely get your moneys worth.

Performance Credits: Charlie Duncan – (MC). Laura Carr – (Comedian). Sy Thomas – (Comedian). Rik Moore – (Comedian). Nick Sun – (Comedian).

(c) Carl Livesay


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