Six and Half a Seven

Monday, 4 October, 2010

Edinburgh Fringe 2010 – Laughing Horse @ The Argyle – 5-29 August 10 – 18.15 (1:00)

In Six and Half a Seven, a stand up show, Richard Gadd portrays some of the dark faces of comedy. the ‘Zany One’, the ‘First Timer,  the ‘Musical Comedian (with his guitar) to name a few. Most of this show is funny, precisely because it isn’t funny, but Richard Gadd seems to know this, makes it the purpose of this show and his humour and does all this very well. This isn’t the tried, tested and now tired format of misdirection then punch-line; well actually it is, that’s the point, but  there’s something else going on here as well.

Richard Gadd seems to be attempting to at once destroy the institution of stand-up and venerate it, which is a tough challenge for a performer to set for a first attempt at an hour long show. So it’s lucky that he is a charismatic presence in the various guises he assumes for if he wasn’t the show might leave a sour taste in the mouth – for the comedians he is sending up are not masters of the craft but the stand-ups you might see in any other show on the free fringe.

He avoids patronising by being deliberately patronising to his fellow comedians and to the audience – it’s as though by assuming the audience are idiots and then making himself even more moronic, getting his timing even more wrong, making his punch-lines ever more obvious he wins the audiences hearts.

The performance I saw was particularly memorable because the comedian was heckled by a dog one of the audience members saw fit to bring. For a young comedian Richard Gadd handled the disruption with aplomb working even more comedy out of this unusual situation.

Richard Gadd is definitely one to watch out for as he hones his craft further. I am certain he will rise above the tough and heartless circuit all stand ups must negotiate in their search for glory.

Cast Credits: Performer – Richard Gadd.

Company Credits: Writer / Director – Richard Gadd.   Technical Operators – Dawn Taylor, David Mitchell, Stuart Mitchell.  Poster Design – David Mitchell.  Photography – Sophie Malleson.  Producer – Richard Gadd.  Company – Richard Gadd.  Website – http://www.myspace.com/richardgaddcomedy

(c) Stephen Redman 2010

reviewed 26 August 2010


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