Fringe Report Awards – Nominate Now!

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

What better way to contemplate the season of goodwill than by thinking of all those performers, technicians, comedians and other fringe participants who have given you a particular thrill during the year. Then, when you’ve pencilled them into your final list (watch out for mince-pie stains and that you don’t spill the mulled wine), you can send them off to Fringe Report as your individual nominations for a Fringe Report Award.

The FR Awards are one of the few ways that the achievements of Fringe performers are ever recognised, and of course the night itself is also the excuse for a big party too.

You don’t have to think about categories or specific types of performance either – if you know a fireating sword-swallower whose act has gone down a storm, then let us know. Just tell us a bit about why you think your nominee should be receiving some special recognition. Click this link for more.

Party Night! The Fringe Report Awards

And of course if you’re a PR person looking after a youth brand or a charity that’s looking to recognise and reward the special demands of Fringe performance, then let us know too. We’ll show you how you can get involved for an outlay that makes sense to your situation.

In either case (to nominate someone or donate or sponsor an award or the party!) please get in touch with John. Nominations to nominations@fringererport.com; you can email him at editor@fringereport.com or you can click this link for more information. We’d love to hear from you!


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