My Handbag, Dominique Oliver

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

Dominique Oliver's Handbag

Many ladies might prefer a dainty, sophisticated neutral handbag to accompany them to work each day. However I prefer to change my handbag with my mood! I will match my clothes to the job I am going to do that day and the handbag will similarly reflect the mood I need to be in to get through the day. So today I have by beloved blue asnd pink hearted ‘travel-bag’. This bag is only usually used for special occasions, like travelling away for a weekend or taking on-board a plane as hand luggage when I leave the country. I associate the bag with taking a day off and the potential of doing NO work. It has a


colourful print all over and is made by one of my favourite clothes brands ‘Animal’ – who make surfing and ski-ing wear, which I love to wear eventhough I can’t surf or ski! The bag has a secreted vanity mirror in the top pocket. and opens-up like a mini suitcase – with a zip all the way around. There’s something satisfiying about opening-up the ‘lid’ to reveal the bright pink interior with sectioned pockets for my pens, ipod, psp and other fun accessories that I only ever have time to use on holiday. So recently, as I have been less able to take time-off from running around at work to go on holiday, I have taken to using the bag when I have an afternoon off to meet new people or relax a little. It’s a bag I love, but it mustn’t be over-used or its magic will disappear and it might become just a regular ‘work-bag’ like the other ten in my cupboard!

(c) Dominque Oliver 2010


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