“Someone I know deserves an FR Award…”

Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

Happy New Year, and in amongst all the feasting, please remember those performers who made 2010 really special for you.

Send in your nominations for this year's Fringe Report Awards. It's a great party too!

It doesn’t take much effort, just an email. And you could help reward the really deserving performers, technicians, writers, comedians, producers and directors who have sent shivers down your back in 2010. The Fringe Report Awards are much more chic and fashionable than the X Factor or the Apprentice, and winning one is nearly as exclusive!

SEND AWARD NOMINATIONS for Fringe Report Awards 2011 to nominations@fringereport.com.  Details at http://www.fringereport.com/nominations.php

And the Fringe Report Awards is the Leicester Square party night that you can attend, and cheer on your nominees at the fringe party of the year!

FRINGE REPORT AWARDS 2011 are on Monday 7 February 2011.  We’ll be sending out invitations early in January.  If you’re not on our mailing list, you can register your interest in receiving an invite by emailing ‘subscribe’ to newsletter@fringereport.com and asking for an invite in your email.  People on the mailing list receive Fringe Report’s monthly newsletter and an invite to the awards; there’s no spam, your details are not passed on, and you can unsubscribe any time.

Please don’t request an invite unless you can come. (Really). We’d love to see you, but if you don’t show up on the night, you’ll be taking a place from someone else, and what we really love is a full theatre and lots of atmosphere.

And finally, if you or a company or charity or some other organisation would like to get involved and help the Awards with money or in some other way, please do get in touch!


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