Strindberg comes to the New Diorama

Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

Strong cast for Strindberg, from 8th to 26th Feb

August Strindberg

The faction theatre co presents Strindberg’s Apartment, adaptation by Simon Reade after August Strindberg, at New Diorama Theatre, near Warren Street, central London, from 8 to 26 Feb 2011.

Directed by Mark Leipacher, lighting by Matthew Graham. Cast includes Richard Delaney; Alexander Guiney; Paul Jellis; Knight Mantell; Lachlan McCall; Andrew McDonald; Derval Mellett; Lucy Moses; Kirsty Neilson; Jonathan Plummer; Kate Sawyer; Josh Taylor; Janine Ingrid Ulfane; Kathryn Worth; Joe Wredden.

This production weaves together August Strindberg’s five short plays – The Storm, After the Fire, The Ghost Sonata, The Pelican and The Black Glove.

Their subjects are various: the kidnap of a young girl, a chance encounter between two estranged brothers; a fire that has devastated the workers downstairs,  the confession of a woman who burns with passion for her son-in-law; the chilling silence of the infamous Ghost Supper.

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