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Announcing Camden Fringe 2011

Tuesday, 25 January, 2011

Camden Fringe 2011 – lots of changes, and building for the future

The Camden Fringe will be back from the 1st to the 28th of August 2011 and is now taking applications from performers.

This year’s changes include new venues, new ways of programming and a new pricing policy, geared to building Camden Fringe for the future.

2011 marks the 6th year of the Camden Fringe which has been growing steadily each year. From 57 performances in 2006 to 652 in 2010, last summer 13,800 paying customers came through the doors – up 30% on the previous year.

Applications for this summer will be welcome until the 31st March. As well as the Camden People’s Theatre, New Diorama, Etcetera Theatre, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Camden Head and Roundhouse,  venues currently looking for shows include The GBS Theatre at RADA, The Shaw Theatre and the new Grand Union Theatre in Kentish Town.

With a growing number of performers and venues wanting to be involved in the Fringe, something had to give and so, in 2011, the way that the Fringe is programmed is changing. In the past the Camden Fringe has placed all the shows in venues, but this year the venues will get to select their own shows.

As always Camden Fringe will include a wide range of shows. In fact, the change in policy means that it is easier for companies to find their own unusual or site specific venues especially for their show. Longer and more complicated performances will be more easily accommodated into the schedule for individual venues. The application process for performers is as simple as possible and is almost identical to previous years, with the essential difference that the application will be sent directly to selected venue(s).

These changes should benefit everyone – venues will have more control over the shows in their space, performers will have a closer relationship with the venue in the run up to the Fringe, punters will be offered a wide range of shows in a wide range of venues and the bigger festival should be easier to organise.

After 5 years of pricing all our tickets at £7.50, that policy is changing. Ticket prices will be different for each show and concessionary tickets will be available for the first time. Because the type of shows at the Camden Fringe varies so widely – from simple one man stand-up shows, through children’s puppet shows to longer dramas with high production values and casts of 25 – the costs of mounting them varies a lot as well and this will be reflected in the price to customers. Some shows will cost less, some will cost more, most will stick around the £7.50 mark.

The Camden Fringe will also be hosting a stage as Part of the Comedy Crawl at the Camden Crawl this spring.

For more information on the Camden Fringe please contact Michelle at the Etcetera Theatre: 020 7482 4857,