Fringe Report Awards – The Complete Roll of Honour

Monday, 31 January, 2011

We published some of the Fringe Report Awards when they were announced last Friday. Now, the complete list has been announced.

Christopher Ager – Outstanding Achievement Award

Elina Akhmetova – Best Performer – Choreographer & Dancer

Alia Alzougbi – Best Performer – Storyteller & Dancer

Battersea Barge - 'Best Venue'

Joe Bateman – Best Festival Director – Film

Hurlingham Books [Ray Cole] – Best Bookshop

Karl Swinyard & Kate Bannister [Brockley Jack Theatre] – Best Venue Directors

Scott Capurro – Best Host

Chickenshed - 'Best Company'

Theatre Delicatessen [Mauricio Preciado Awad, Jessica Brewster, Frances Loy, Roland Smith] – Best Company

Jonathan Hansler – Best Actor

Penny Horner – Outstanding Achievement Award

Sheridan Humphreys – Best PR

Tracy Keeling – Best Playwright

Áine King – Best Auteur – Adapter, Director, Designer

Tally Koren – Best Singer/Songwriter

The Magnets – Best Band

Marcus Markou – Best Creative

Katie, Jessica, Racky, John Plews – Best Theatrical Team

Tin Can Podcast – Best Audio

Cor Blimey Arts Deptford [Gillian Best Powell] – Best Artist Cooperative

Victor Sobchak – Outstanding Achievement Award

Greg Tallent – Best Festival Director – Fringe

Diana Thomas – Best Director

Battersea Barge – Best Venue

Pete Wyer – Best Composer

Awards will be presented on 7th February 2010 at the Leicester Square Theatre in London’s West End. For details, please click this link: http://www.fringereport.com/11awards.php


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