Ken Kesey Classic at Theatro Technis in March

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to be performed by EmpathEyes

A new version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Dale Wasserman, based on the classic novel by Ken Kesey, is coming to Theatro Technis, produced in association with City and Hackney Mind, and performed by EmpathEyes Theatre Company.

The clock ticks, the fog thickens and the Big Nurse twists the dial.

Oregon state asylum is a place of order, run to the strict timing of Nurse Ratched.  That is, until the arrival of Randall McMurphy, the swaggering trickster who refuses to be ‘adjusted to his surroundings’. This ‘devastatingly honest’ interrogation of the boundaries between madness and sanity is brought to life in EmpathEyes’ new production.

EmpathEyes is a young company dedicated to creating politically involving, ‘psychological’ theatre.  Having premiered and sold out at the Arcola Theatre, EmpathEyes Theatre Company return with Cuckoo’s Nest at Theatro Technis.

This production is one of a series concerned with the alienation and injustice of everyday life and includes The Goat (2007) and The Trial (2008).  Cuckoo brings together actors, crew and practitioners from all over London, including Gul Davis whose award-winning novel A Lone Walk details experiences of mental health institutions in the UK.  Cuckoo is proud to be working with Hackney’s Mind on their current project, raising money and awareness for local programmes supporting people with mental health diseases.

“Thoroughly thought-provoking production… inspirational directors” – Leyla Nazli (Executive Director of Arcola)

1st-6th / 9th -12th  March (with additional weekend matinees/no Sun eve) at 7.30pm / 2pm. Ticket price: £15 (£10 conc.)


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