Comedy (and a kids’ show) at the Pleasance – Coming Soon

Friday, 11 March, 2011

Humphrey Ker: Work in Progress
Tuesday, 15th March
One third of The Penny Dreadfuls, the best-loved sketch troupe at the Edinburgh Fringe, and star of BBC2’s Fast & Loose,

Crash Test Comedy
Wednesday, 16th March
Hosted by Idiots of Ants, this monthly sketch, stand-up, music and character comedy night sees the best acts on the London circuit ‘crash test’ their most recent material.

Delete the Banjax… and Friends
Friday, 18th March
A chance to see an extended set of new material from host act Delete the Banjax every month as well as the best stand-up, character and sketch guest acts on the live circuit.

The Humble Quest for Universal Genius
Saturday, 19th March
This quiz show sees comedian Mark Allen pit top stand-ups against each other in a bid to find a modern-day Universal Genius, someone who excels in every single facet of human understanding.

Itch: A Scratch Event
Sunday, 20th March
Comedians Theatre Company brings us a mixed bag of brand new work. Rehearsed and unrehearsed material, a bunch of talent, and lots of fun!

Storytellers’ Club
Sunday, 20th March
The monthly storytelling club, for people who like their comedy a little more magical

Comedy Reserve Try-Out
Monday, 4th April – Tuesday, 5th April
Come and join us at the Pleasance London as we try and select the cream of the crop of young comedians to take with us to Edinburgh.

The Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
Tuesday, 5th April – Friday, 25th April
Using everyday objects found in the attic, five of the best-beloved stories that have enchanted both children and adults for generations are discovered and brought to life.

Working Title
Friday, 8th April
The new improvisation show from Feature Spot, featuring the stars of BBC2’s hit improv show Fast and Loose

The Hollycopter
Saturday, 9th April
Comedy preview by the Chortle Best Newcomer, Holly Walsh – as seen on 8 out of 10 Cats, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Dave’s One Night Stand.

Arnab Chanda
Sunday, 10th April
Arnab Chanda’s first solo show, a work in progress pointlessly entitled ‘Dr. Sad Cookiepants and No Spring Chicken’. No jokes. No stories. Just reading out and doing his favorite little weird things

Beat This
Monday, 11th April
A music-based game show from Rob Deering. Each night four different stand-ups and one audience battle and banter it out over the highs and lows of rock and pop

Benny Boot: Set-up, Punchline…Pause for Laughter
Wednesday, 27th April
NBC’s Last Comic Standing (UK Finalist) previews his debut hour show Set-up, Punchline

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