Giselle, from Dublin’s Gay Theatre Festival

Monday, 9 May, 2011

Ballet with bondage overtones

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2011 – Back Loft, La Catedral Studios, 7-11 St Augustine Street, Dublin 8 – 9.30pm (65 minutes) – May 4-7 (show seen May 6)

In this combination of a contemporary dance and spoken one-man show, Mercier tells parts of his personal journey, particularly his classical ballet training and his ‘coming out’ to his family as a gay man.

The juxtaposition of naked ballet with some bondage gear – and quite a lot of rose petals – makes the piece highly unusual and interesting visually.  He pokes fun at the conventions of both the ballet and bondage worlds.

But perhaps the best parts are where Mercier simply stands up and tells his story in a deadpan way, with the right mix of humour and straightup honesty.  These are used as interludes in the dance performance, which are perhaps too brief and could be expanded, to make use of his talents in this area, which are as strong as his dancing ability.

Cast Credits: Performer – Joseph Mercier.

Company Credits: Producer – Clara Giraud; Co-Produced by – Chisenhale Dance Space; Dramaturgy – Zlata Camdzic; Lighting Design – Ziggy Jacobs.  Special Thanks to – Jessica Muche, Bruno Vinhas & Seamus Bradley.

© Colman Higgins 2011

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