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Launch of Fugitive Ink

Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

It’s the launch party of Fugitive Ink, an exhibition of the work of artists Jake Spicer, Claire Blake, Clare Plumley, Felicity Stafford, Duncan Cromarty, Molly Perrin, Francesca Cluney, Rebecca Jenkins. It’s in Duncan Cromarty’s flat – which is also an exhibit as part of Brighton’s Artists Open Houses. And artist Francesca Cluney is also art, drawn by organiser Jake Spicer. Claire Blake’s art is cakes (delicious). Here’s the full story…


Warmth and Decency

Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

I suppose that’s how I viewed clothes (writes actress Sarah Whitehouse) and as a result, had no interest in fashion.

My wardrobe consisted of my collection of faithful, all-occasion, indestructible items – jeans, a hoodie and a little black dress to go out in.

Until I moved to Holloway, London, and discovered a magical little shop… full story…


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