A Celebration of Women in Theatre, at the Lion & Unicorn

Thursday, 23 June, 2011

The Gaea Theatre Festival runs from Aug to Nov 2011 at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town.

The Festival is a celebration of Women Playwrights, Performers, Directors and Designers from the UK and abroad. Productions include…

Beauty Is Prison-Time, inspired by a real Siberian prison that holds beauty pageants for its women inmates,

Nine, by Jane Shepard, starring Emily White. Locked in a room, chained apart. Language is the only currency for these two women being held against their will.

I’ll Show You Mine, Raphaele Moussafir’s ‘Et Pendant Ce Temps-La’, translated by David Nowell Smith, starring Caroline Horton

As Fate Would have It, by Phoebe Hunt, starring Dinarte Gouveia, Phoebe Hunt, Jamie Hutchins, Jamila Jennings-Grant. Follows the alternative outcomes of a young couple’s relationship, depending on the flip of a ten pence piece.

Push, by Shane Callaghan and Hayley Goggin. Sexual perversions threaten the ‘perfect’ relationship in this physical, comic new play.

Revue Z, written and performed by Zoe Martlew. “Unhinged, uncensored, underwired Uproarious, moving, sexy, hilarious and utterly original entertainment by virtuoso cellist and former judge on BBC2 TV’s ‘Maestro’.”

An Experiment With An Air Pump, By Shelagh Stephenson. Concerns a mystery unravelled when characters in 1999 make a macabre discovery which has its origins in 1799.

More information at: www.giantolive.com



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