Summer of Comedy at the Tabard Theatre

Friday, 1 July, 2011

Just around the corner from Turnham Green tube

Richard Herring is one of those performing at the Tabard in west London

The Tabard Theatre’s summer of comedy season features new acts on the circuit as well as some household names.

From comedy agency Avalon (the guys behind Russell Howard and Al Murray) these acts could be the next generation of comic superstars! You might think about seeing them before you need binoculars at the O2.

The line up is:

3rd July – Jigsaw and Iain Stirling

4th July – Jimmy McGhie and Naz Osmanolgu

10th July – Ahir Shah and Steve Hall

11th July – Andy Zaltzman and Peacock & Gamble

17th July – Peacock & Gamble and James Acaster

18th July – Richard Herring and Ahir Shah

19th July – Naz Osmanoglu and Catie Wilkins

20th July – Rob Deering and Tom Deacon

21st July – Jen Brister and Domesti Goddi

22nd July – Gareth Richards and The Baby Diary

23rd July – Roisin Conaty and Joe Wilkinson

24th July Steve Hall and James Acaster

25th July Matt Forde and Domestic Goddi

More info at www.tabardtheatre.co.uk


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