Scratch and other stuff at Battersea Arts Centre

Friday, 8 July, 2011

Here are some of July’s highlights from the Battersea Arts Centre.

Multimos: Scratch – Bunty

Is it a gig? Is it a theatre? No. It is Multimos, a collection of songs caught in a web of theatrics which follow Bunty through streets, dreams, TV screens and lullaby machines to create a multimedia theatrical journey. 14, 29, 30 July.

The Suitcase Royale in Zombatland – Suitcase Royale

The hilariously inventive Royale boys take up residency at BAC to add the finishing touches to their brand new show – another masterfully-mad tale from the dusty-plains of the Australian outback. Welcome to the idyllic paradise of The Blue Lagoon Caravan Park, where the once loved Wombats have been mysteriously turning into blood-thirsty demons, ravaging the park. 21-23 July. 28-30 July

Unhappy Birthday Party: Scratch – Amy Lamé

Welcome to Amy’s Unhappy Birthday party. Her guest of honour is the former Smiths frontman and cult global superstar Morrissey- pop icon for the excluded and oppressed; the bookish and bespectacled; fatsos, homos and weirdos of the world.  A place is set for Morrissey. He’s running late. Will he bother to turn up at all? 22 July

14 Tables: Scratch – 30 Bird

Sex, religion and lost loves: everything you shouldn’t hear about at the dinner table. 14 Tables chews over the relationship between love, sexual encounters and the Nativity, with Jesus, a giraffe and even Godzilla making an appearance. 16 July

Hannah Ringham’s Free Show (Bring Money) by Glen Heath

Meet a woman whose life has gone wrong. Widowed and with child, widowed again, divorced, desperate.  How much does it cost to go to the theatre these days? At the heart of this show lies the question of it’s worth. 28-29 July

The Lost Menagerie – Chris Redmond

When we lose someone we love, we feel torn. Part of us wants to go with them, but death is just part of life and life is for living…right?  The Lost Menagerie is a story-poem of a man, running from the city and himself, after the sudden death of his best friend. 29-30 July

More at www.bac.org.uk


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