Liars League. Come and hear some new writing

Tuesday, 12 July, 2011

Tonight (12 July) in Cavendish Square, and every month

Once a month, people gather to hear new short fiction by aspiring new writers, read by actors, in a pub in London’s Cavendish Square.

There are usually six or seven pieces to hear, covering the whole spectrum of fiction – tragedy, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi and everything in between and beyond. Tickets are a fiver, and included in that price is usually the opportunity to win a book or two, donated by a friendly publisher.

Details of what, when and where can be found on the Liars League website at www.liarsleague.typepad.com

You’ll also find details of how to apply to be one of the readers at a Liars League event, and of course how to apply to have your fiction read to the enthusiastic audience that is a feature of the events.

Each event has a theme. Tonight’s (12 July) is Hot and Bothered, which promises some interesting listening. Forthcoming themes include: East and West (9 August), Shock and Awe (13 Sept) and Fear and Loathing (11 Oct)

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