SPID’s Youth Drama – Spookily Topical

Friday, 12 August, 2011

Youth Project with the kids of Kensal House Estate

Team Spirit is the story of council estate teenagers who pull together as a team to overcome the difficulties in our lives. All the young people involved are against the looting and violence on the streets.

Kids from Kensal House put on their show

All the young people involved have been working hard all Summer at their base in the modernist estate of Kensal House, Ladbroke Grove. They are looking forward to touring the show to the West London council estates that inspired it.

For all the depravity of recent events, this project promises to demonstrate the unifying power of sport and community theatre. The young people have thrived on the opportunity to create something positive, whether through writing, acting or producing. They have learned a lot from each other, sharing knowledge of each others’ cultures and of their various neighbourhoods.
The gang culture, gun and knife crime that blights urban teenagers has been well publicised and is now storming the headlines. The problems have eclipsed any mention of solutions – yet in its small way, Team Spirit offers hope.

Thursday 11th August 7:00pm
Dalgarno Community Centre
1 Webb Close, Dalgarno Way, London, W10 5BQ
With support from the Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust

Saturday 13th August 7:00pm
Chelsea Youth Centre
Blantyre Street, World’s End Estate Chelsea, London, SW10 0EQ

Monday 15th August 7:00pm
Lancaster Youth Centre
128a Lancaster Road, London, W11 1Q



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