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7th Battle of Ideas Festival

Tuesday, 16 August, 2011

The Institute of Ideas has unveiled the 7th Battle of Ideas Festival programme, featuring a line-up of 350 speakers participating in 75 debates on society’s big issues and unresolved questions (

The main weekend festival, held at the Royal College of Art, London on October 29-30, showcases keynote debates entitled:

Battle against the fates; Profiting Responsibly?
Business in the Big Society;
Creativity and Curiosity: do we make stuff up or find it out?
Has tolerance gone too far?
Loyalty in an age of whistle-blowing and Wikileaks; is individualism bad for society?

Seven strands run through the format of the festival weekend, allowing in-depth examination of a subject.

In addition there are a large number of standalone discussions on subjects including:

The Tea Party – defenders of the American Dream?    Life off Earth: are the aliens out there? Burlesque: female empowerment or posh stripping?   Islamophobia: the new racism or liberal angst? Ain’t misbehaving – do British children need the army to sort them out?   Smart drugs: magic bullet or cheating ourselves?    Olympic expectations: can’t see the games for the legacy?   Through a glass darkly: why do atheists love the King James Bible?