Babylon Circus: Energy

Monday, 22 August, 2011

An Interview with Babylon Circus.

Boomtown Fair – Main Stage – 14th Aug – 22.30

Babylon Circus

Many of the other bands playing at Boomtown fair look up to Babylon Circus, and after watching them play the headlining slot on the main stage on saturday night, it is clear why.  They drew a large crowd who were instructed to jump and shout by Manuel Nectoux, a small man who is hard to ignore.  The performance was full of energy and flair, much aided by his incredible dance moves.

What do we need to know about Babylon Circus?

We’ve been around for over fifteen years.  We are modern troubadours. Curious frenchies who decided to travel, carrying their stories to tell and sing as loud as possible, the best way to get in touch with the world!  Our music is the result of a mix with rock, reggae, French folk song and Balkan sounds.  Nine people, nine influences, make Babylon Circus’ style sound unique!

How and why is your new album ‘ La Belle Étoile’ different to the others?

Because we are in a perpetual research, we need to develop and feed our music every day to make it unique and personal.  This one has deeper emotional feelings and is less ‘intellectual’.  If we’d be gamblers, you could say that we do ‘all in’ at each hand!

You are known for your energy.  Where do you get it from?

We keep the faith in what we do, in what we want to give. Every night is a new meeting, as if it was the first time, and that can even be the last, who knows? That’s why we save the day, and give everything we’ve got in our hearts. It may also come from the way we work, mixing theatre and circus with pure rock’n’roll energy.

How does a British crowd compare to other crowds from around the world?

I never felt the British crowd shyer than another. Every crowd is differnt, even in the same country.  And that’s a good thing!  It’s up to us to find the way to make each one go crazy. And there’s always a way.  Do you want to know how were the Syrian people during the beginning of the Iraq war?  We were there for one month, and that made us understand that we should never trust the mass media!  People were really nice.  That’s why we played a concert for two hours with several local guests, feeling the happiness in the crowd, despite how hard is their life!

Why are you returning to Boomtown, having played in 2009?

How could we refuse an invitation, when the first meeting was so fun! I remember a very mixed audience , with several generations and origins,  and different artistic disciplines on the same site.

Tell us about your plans for the coming year.  Are you playing any other festivals?

Actually, we are working hard on the next album, which should be released in the beginning of 2012.  But, we’re also still touring, cause it is kind of hard drug!  We are musical conquerors, always on the road!!!

What advice would you give to a new band starting up?

It’s hard to say, because there are no exact rules.  The most important thing is to keep on dreaming, and work on to live your dreams!

Band members:  Manuel Nectoux – vocals.  David Burachel – vocals and guitar.  Emmanuel Héron – bass.  Olivier Soumali – keyboard.  Georges Chaccour – guitar.  Christophe Millot – saxophone, clarinet, accordion and flute.  Clement Amirault – trombone, tuba and barrel organ.  Yannick Urbani – drums.  Valentin Meylan – trumpet. Manager: Kevin Lamalle.

(c) Claire Higgins 2011


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