Lagan. Begins 26 October, at the Oval House, south London

Tuesday, 25 October, 2011

The Lagan is Belfast’s river. This play is written by Stacey Gregg. Directed by Jane Fallowfield.

Ten lives flow through Belfast, like the river Lagan.

‘Shoppers drift above, holdin’ hands, delirious. Husbands tugged by wives with fierce to do lists give in to posters of men in cardigans, dangerous and fresh from London, where all the men wear cardigans… A New Belfast aye.’

Ian returns home to find old values and new shopping centres. A woman talks to her son’s ghost amid scaffolding. A taximan picks up a pint of milk for his drunk dad, and a young woman discovers the possibility of love.

Lagan is billed as an intimate and absorbing insight into the people and city with a past like no other.

And there’s a post-show discussion on 2 Nov: “From Beirut to Easyjet Top City Pick” What is the new Belfast? A panel discussion chaired by Don McCamphill, about the present and future for a city with a history.

More at www.ovalhouse.com


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