Next February. A Few Man Fridays, at the Riverside.

Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

A homeless nation. An ongoing story

The Chagos Islands

A Few Man Fridays, written and directed by Adrian Jackson, is at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, from 10 Feb 2012 – 10 Mar 2012.

Designed by Fred Meller, music and soundtrack by David Baird, produced by Cardboard Citizens. The production presents the story of an entire nation made homeless, starting in an age of Cold War secrets and ending in the era of global warming.

A Few Man Fridays unearths an inglorious episode of British history. Between 1967 and 1973, the population of the Chagos Islands was evicted to make way for a US military base. For forty years they have fought for justice in an epic struggle that is unlikely to end even when the European Court of Justice delivers a ruling later this year.

This is the second of Cardboard Citizens’ history plays exploring the fantasies of the powerful, set against the dreams of the powerless. A Few Man Fridays traces the displacement of these ‘unpeople’ and the successive denial of their right to nationhood.

Cardboard Citizens has worked with homeless people and the marginalised for 20 years, marrying personal stories and historical subjects into an epic theatre that challenges public perceptions of social exclusion.



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