Brighton Fringe announces Marketing Partnership

Thursday, 15 December, 2011

In 2012, Brighton Fringe will partner with i, the Independent’s sister paper. The partnership unites i, which has a current circulation of 211,467 and Brighton, which has tripled its events in the last six years, with 2011 hosting 625 events and attracted 180,000 attendance.

The partnership was initiated by Damian Barr, a trustee of Brighton Fringe who has worked at the Independent in the past.

The partnership with i will bring many developments both for Brighton Fringe and the city of Brighton & Hove with the aim of raising the profile of Brighton Fringe and the city. Together, Brighton Fringe and i will be holding a number of free events that will bring together the whole community in the centre of Brighton.

Brighton Fringe is the third largest open-access multi-art form fringe festival in the world, and what makes it exceptional is that it is set in a city with a unique heritage that has set the pace, diversity, creativity and innovative thinking in the city and beyond.

Brighton Fringe 2012 will run from May 5 – 27. Registration for 2012 is open until 6 February.


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