Ovalhouse Announces its ‘If only…’ Season.

Friday, 23 December, 2011

If Only… runs 14 February – 31 March 2012

Driven by an ambition for complexity; a search for something to believe in; a desire for someone somewhere to do something surprising. If only… is thinking for ourselves. If only… is hope in the face of cynicism. (If only… that was enough.)

Boy in a Dress
written by La JohnJoseph
performed by La JohnJoseph & Anna Lewenhaupt

Boy in a Dress follows the life story thus far of La JohnJoseph, a third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-fashion model from the wrong side of the tracks as she moves from the council estates of Bootle to the strip clubs of San Francisco.

The Cosmos, The Cosmetics
by Nick Field

The struggle to find a place to belong as the twentieth century offers a colourful swan song of underground culture, is dramatised in this spoken word theatre production.

by Chris Goode & Company

GOD/HEAD is a humane, candid, radically unsettling piece about the tensions between religion and neuroscience, and about the limits of language and the edges of desire.

The Well and Badly Loved
written & directed by Ben Webb

The Well & Badly Loved is a queer extravaganza of love and loss. This trilogy dances between intimate details and a wider historical picture, excavating the simple story of a love affair in all its gorgeous complexity.

More at www.ovalhouse.com


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