Plymouth. Barbican Theatre’s ‘Flourish’

Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

Uncanny Theatre at the Barbican, Plymouth and on tour

The Barbican Theatre embarks on its second year of Flourish after a sell out first season. The new theatre company Uncanny Theatre are thrilled to be opening Flourish 2012. Uncanny Theatre will perform ‘Optimism’ on Friday 10th February at 7.30pm. All tickets £5 – £10.

Uncanny Theatre are performing the dark comedy as part of a national tour, the show has received enthusiastic reviews wherever it has played, including from Iain Bloomfield, of Bradford Theatre in the Mill, who said: “Optimism is a total, if dark, delight that wryly fillets our notions of romantic love and the body beautiful. Clever in both its use of the physical and the emotional it is, in turns, hilarious and horrific without ever losing its sense of ‘fun’… and by that I mean genuine, childlike, fun that can at one time be ridiculous and deeply, deeply serious. An absolute joy of a first show by a new company.”

The show, a twisted tale of desire and self-worth told through the eyes of an idiot, is based on the premise that most people know when they’ve made a wrong decision but what happens when someone is convinced that theirs is the right one?


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