Zoe Leonard: Observation Point. Camden Arts Centre from 31 March – 24 June

Wednesday, 8 February, 2012

Admission free

This spring, New York artist Zoe Leonard (b. 1961) will transform Gallery 3 at Camden Arts Centre into a ‘camera obscura’. Daylight will filter in through a lens projecting an image of the world outside onto the floor, walls and ceiling, creating a spatially immersive experience. Alongside this, Gallery 1 will be filled with a new series of photographs depicting the sun together with a sculptural installation of found images in Gallery 2.

The exhibition engages three distinct forms of photography – experience, image, object – and in doing so pushes at the boundaries of photography as practice and medium.

The experience of Leonard’s camera obscura is durational in a way that invites comparisons with film and video. As the ephemeral panorama unravels continually inside the space the viewer’s attention is drawn to the shifts in movement and light – some dramatic, others barely perceptible.  The north-south axis of Gallery 3 will provide constant light throughout the day, giving rise to a continually shifting, cinematic event. Leonard is harnessing the phenomenon of the camera obscura to think about ways of looking, recording and experiencing time and space as well as broadening current conversations about what photography is or can be.



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