The Producers’ Platform launches at St Pancras International

Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

First live fringe theatre in a station launches on Sunday 26th February 2012 from 3-4pm

St Pancras International Station has teamed up with ScenePool, Camden Theatres and Quirkas to offer a regular platform for Creative Producers to pitch and present their work tothe thousands that pass through the station daily.

Launching on Sunday 26th February 2012, St Pancras International will be hosting a regular slot, on the last Sunday of every month from 3pm-4pm, for performers to preview a range of new productions before they move to mainstream London theatres.

This innovative programme will allow new and established producers to present an extract from their company’s show, as well as giving them a chance to take questions from an engaging station audience, and network with other theatre producers, artists and industry peers.

The showcase will feature a range of quality companies from the innovative Political Arts Company, to the exciting performance trio Mitsotu, as well as regular work from the
ScenePool Creative Producers and Quirkas Productions.

The scheme, which will give theatre producers a much welcomed showcase, has been endorsed by the 14 Camden Theatres venue managers who praised the station for“supporting small scale theatre in a time of recession by giving a boost to new vibrant creative work.

Wendy Spinks, of High Speed 1 (Owners of St Pancras International), said: “St Pancras International has a strong history of being a hub for culture, supporting the best of local talent across music, dance and now theatre.

Producers Platform is a brilliant opportunity for those passing by to get a real taste for fringe talent in Camden and in turn it provides a much needed space for emerging producers to showcase their work to a large diverse audience.”


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