The City Will Crumble, at the Courtyard Theatre, London N1

Wednesday, 22 February, 2012

Features Fringe Report Award Winner, Elina Akmetova

6th March 2012 to 11th March 2012 – 8pm

Nyctolopic presents a new physical theatre piece with original music, inspired by Film Noir, and among the performers is Elina Akmetova, winner of a Fringe Report Award in 2011, as Best performer – choreography and dance.

This is what Nyctolopic say about the production: “Millions of people walk the streets of the dark city. Sometimes they notice one another; most of the time they pass each other by, driven on by the unrelenting rhythm of the city itself. How can one woman believe that her individual story matters, when the city makes everyone interchangeable, substitutable, and disposable?”

“Ana Marambio’s choreography and David Holyoake’s music revive the dark megacity for London in 2012. The slipping, vanishing, and corruption of the individual against the forces of the impersonal city were a central theme of Film Noir. We live in times with strong parallels to that era and the anxieties brought on by the shocks of social, economic and technological upheavals. This new piece expresses them in original movement bristling with energy and a haunting new musical score.”

Preview trailer: http://www.nyctolopic.org/thecitywillcrumble


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