On Form. Sculpture at Asthall Manor

Monday, 5 March, 2012

June will see the opening of the sixth and most ambitious biennial on form sculpture exhibition at Asthall Manor in the Cotswolds.

Once home to the Mitford sisters, the private landscaped gardens offer a unique setting for this, the largest exhibition dedicated to stone in the UK.

Sculpture by Julian Rena will be on show as part of 'On Form'

Celebrating their medium, the 28 sculptors include Bridget McCrum, Peter Randall-Page, Matthew Spender and Emily Young. The exhibition brings together a broad spectrum of carving techniques and combines established and exciting new talent; all works are for sale. The exhibition is open to the public from 17 June to 15 July 2012 with a new addition in the guise of the Thyme Café, run in collaboration with Thyme at Southrop Manor. Situated in the Potting Shed at Asthall Manor, it will be a celebration of the English traditional kitchen garden and highlight locally grown, seasonal produce.

The sculptors taking part in on form 2012 are:

Ekkehard Altenburger ■ Peter Brooke-Ball ■ Katusha Bull ■ Aly Brown ■ Frederic Chevarin ■ Luke Dickinson ■ Simon Hitchens■ Jonathan Loxley ■ Bridget McCrum ■ Nicolas Moreton ■ William Peers R A G A ■ Peter Randall-Page ■ Julian Rena ■ Rachel Schwalm ■ Matt Simmonds ■ Sarah Smith ■ Joe Smith ■ Matthew Spender ■ Guy Stevens Anthony Turner ■ Nick Turvey ■ Lucy Unwin ■ Paul Vanstone ■ Nigel Watson Dominic Welch ■ David Worthington ■ Emily Young

Set in the spectacular Jacobean house and gardens landscaped by Isabel & Julian Bannerman, on form 2012 showcases over 100 works in stone. With a diverse range of scale and style, each is set against a unique background. Collectively, the sculptures establish an extraordinary relationship with the garden and landscape around them. Whilst several nestle in the romantic wildflower meadows along the Windrush Valley, others wait to be discovered in the woods, or form focal points above the formal parterre. Inside the Manor, the Ballroom provides an elegant gallery platform for the work.

Asthall Manor, Burford, Oxfordshire
17 June – 15 July 2012
Admission: £7.50




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