Cartoon de Salvo celebrate 15 years in theatre with two new shows

Thursday, 8 March, 2012

Made Up at Soho Theatre and The Irish Giant at Southwark Playhouse mark birthday year for theatre company

Cartoon de Salvo has been making heart-on-the-sleeve theatre since 1997. The is best known for two different but interconnected styles of theatre: devised plays with great stories, and long-form improvisation.

To celebrate its 15th birthday, the company presents two brand new shows in London, one from each branch of its practise.

First, at Soho Theatre’s Upstairs space from 4–21 April (Press Night Thursday 5 April), Made Up is an entirely improvised show, created afresh at every performance, to a live music score from the awesome Brighton band, The Adventurists.

At each performance, the company improvises into being a brand new play with songs, to which The Adventurists improvise a simultaneous live score. It might be comedy, it might be tragedy, but it’s all discovered on the night, with the audience, moment by moment.

Made Up will be followed in May by The Irish Giant, in The Vault at Southwark Playhouse from 23 May – 9 June 2012.

Cartoon de Salvo’s new devised show – their first to be based on a true story – is set in the 1780s against the backdrop of the Enlightenment, when science and faith found themselves on a collision course. The Irish Giant is based on the story of Charles Byrne, Georgian London’s biggest star, an eight-foot tall Irishman whose body is coveted by visionary anatomist John Hunter, a man obsessed with life, death and abnormal bodies.

Plunging its bloody hands into history, The Irish Giant explores the ethics of who owns our bodies, who should – and what life, if any, awaits us after death?


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