How to tell stories that heal. A one-day seminar

Wednesday, 14 March, 2012

This seminar explores how a story can reach the imaginative mind and work on many levels, and for different purposes, and covers the value of understanding and why we evolved to dream.

A lot of psychotherapy involves storytelling. On this popular training day, master storyteller Pat Williams explores stories that have a powerful, beneficial effect on the mind/body system and teaches you the secrets of how to tell such therapeutic tales. You cannot know what goes on in another person’s mind but, if you perceive the ‘pattern’ of a story and understand that it could be useful to them at this specific point in their life, that is reason enough to tell it. Their unconsciousness, creative imagination will seek and find the ‘meaning’ relevant to their situation. No explanation, no direct statement of a story’s meaning can substitute for the way it acts on the hearer’s mind. Stories help people to bypass rigid views about life, enhancing their flexibility of thought. By suspending ordinary constraints, stories help people reclaim optimism and fuel their imagination with the energy necessary to attain goals. In the physically ill, they can stimulate the immune system and speed recovery.

Speaker(s): Pat Williams

22 March 2012 at 9:30 am
Friends Meeting House
173 Euston Road



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