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Need to refresh your production ideas?

Thursday, 26 April, 2012

The Adventures of Thunder and Coal, 3rd May–5th May 2012

Maybe a trip to the Little Angel theatre in Islington might help?

This puppetry-driven theatre combines productions for children with those for adults too, and won a well-deserved Fringe Report Award a few years back. The emphasis here is always on stagecraft and each production usually provides a fresh slant on delivery and atmosphere. The next production for example, for an adult audience is: The Adventures of Thunder and Coal, running from 3rd May–5th May 2012.

The Adventures of Thunder and Coal explores the parallels between the lives of the mice in the London Underground and the bigger mammals fumbling darkly up above them. Probably one of the world’s first IT-contractor-step-parenting-shadow-musicals, the show features a live band, animation and songs about supermarkets, steamy beverages and shifty commuters. There is (apparently) no unicycling.

This is a brand new, full-blown musical aimed at principally at adult audiences (suitable for aged 10 and above).

Nonesuch is the new company set up by the composer-writer Ben Glasstone and other key artists behind Little Angel’s cult hit musical The Mouse Queen.