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The City Will Crumble. 8/9 May. Brighton

Friday, 4 May, 2012

New dance theatre company Nyctolopic comes to the Brighton Fringe after a successful London debut. Nyctolopic presents The City Will Crumble, a new dance theatre piece with original music, at The Warren, Russell Place, Brighton, 8th and 9th May 2012, 7pm.

The City Will Crumble is a full-length dance-theatre piece that describes the reaction to a great socio-economic shock: film noir as a reflection of the Great Depression and its aftermath.

We live in times with strong parallels to that earlier era – most obviously a devastating economic crash. Then and now, breathtaking technological changes seem to offer great opportunities but at the same wear down honest human relations. Prosperity for the few masks a lack of consent and the vulnerability of those at the bottom. Faith in progress gives way to powerlessness in the face of a social system whose efficiency depends on making the mass of individuals replaceable, insignificant, and, therefore, disposable.

This work adapts – in original stage movement and music – the aesthetic, psychological and narrative elements of film noir to tell the story of a dark city in 2012.