Ray Lee’s Ethometric Museum at Battersea Arts

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

May 18 – May 26, 2012
18 – 19 & 25 – 26 May
7:30pm & 9pm

Have you ever wondered how electricity could make you feel happy? This may not be quite like anything you will have heard (or seen) before. You are going to be taken into the Ethometric Museum, a gallery of amazing electrical curiosities.

Inside you will bathe in the resonant Ethometric waves of the ‘Sonionic Analyser’, watch as the ‘Multiwave Oscillethergraph Generator’ begins to spin, and contemplate the mysteries of the ‘Ethomagnetrons’. Each machine emits specific harmonic frequencies and through their precise manipulation the skilled operator will realign your ‘super-electrical field’. You will feel happy.

Ethometric Museum is an immersive journey into a hypnotic and mesmerising world.




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