What could be more topical? Jubilee, at the Tabard

Tuesday, 15 May, 2012

13 June to 21 July

The poster from the original Broadway production

Almost-normal presents Jubilee, with music and lyrics By Cole Porter, book by Moss Hart, at the Tabard Theatre, a fringe venue in Chiswick, west London.

Directed by Neil Bull, choreography by James Houlbrooke, the cast includes Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Adam Dutton, Barry Joseph Keenan, Catherine Nicole, Robert Paul, Adam Pendrich, Hannah Powell, George Reeve, Holly Tyler, Emma Williamson.

Jubilee takes you on a royal 1930’s romp through early celebrity culture. The story is of a fictional royal family who, when an immanent revolution threatens their throne, decide to relinquish their responsibilities and pursue their dreams: the King sets off and meets socialite Eva Standing; the Queen becomes infatuated by the swimmer-come-actor Charles Rausmiller; the Prince pursues singer Karen O’Kane; and the Princess is charmed by playwright, composer and actor Eric Dare.

When it becomes clear that the impending uprising is nothing more than a hoax, the royals are presented with a problem, do they succumb to duty or continue to pursue passion and freedom?



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