Sex, war, comedy, flamenco – Coming up at the New Cross Theatre

Wednesday, 16 May, 2012

Sat  19th  & Sunday 20th May, 8pm
AWKWARD  by Richard Oliver

Family secrets and illicit relationships spill out when Greg and his girlfriend Tilly arrive at their grotty second home, abetted by quirky Lola, her brother Nathan and toy-boy Baz. Tempers flare when Nathan uncovers a disturbing truth about Greg – the ramifications of which revise the course of the friends’ lives forever. Awkward! Suitable for adults only with strong language and themes of sex and violence.

Tues 22nd  & Sunday 27th May

A story set in the trenches that includes comedy. September 1918 on the Western Front. Tommy and Dave receive an unexpected visit from Lieutenant Hargreaves who announces that Tommy is to be awarded a medal for his courage in combat. Why then are Tommy and Dave so keen to see the back of him? And who is the strange Icelandic character that enters the scene brandishing a sausage?

A second play called ‘THE LONG RETREAT TO MONS’ by Stacey Williams will be performed after the interval.

Sat 2nd June, 8pm

A regular night of top class stand up comedy with 5 acts and Tony Marresse

Sun 3rd June, 8pm

Raw, flamenco ‘puro’ from the purest band in town. Flamenco is Music, Sex and History all rolled into one. The fiercest expression of the human spirit ever devised. The Flamenco Express policy is simply to hire the best flamenco performers, give them total artistic freedom and let them do the rest.





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