About this site

This site contained news and reviews of fringe performances across the country.

There are reports from London (including Camden and London Festival Fringe), Edinburgh, Dublin, Brighton, other specific festivals and events, as well as reviews of fringe events that are happening in lots of different places, all the time.

These reviews were all commissioned by Fringe Report.

Venues could be large or small, but they probably weren’t be the ones that might be described as ‘West End’ or even ‘mainstream’. Fringe Report reviewed all kinds of shows and events – dance, comedy, drama, art, film, poetry and music among them.

There are other articles here too.

News items on Fringe productions, venues, upcoming events and of course on the Fringe Report Awards, which were given each year in January.

You’ll find articles on our writers’ favourite books, places, recipes, sports, fashion and a lot of other things. Use the Classified button to find the articles that interest you by topic, or the Search option (both are in the sidebar to the right. You might need to scroll down a bit).

Each article is listed under a classified heading, and (when we can spare the time to do it) will have Tags associated with it, which enable it to be found more easily. You can see the Category and Tags assigned to each article at the end of each one. If you use the Category and Tags to search for similar items, you will get a list of all related items on all WordPress sites.

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