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The Finborough Theatre Wins This Year’s UK Empty Space Peter Brook Award

Thursday, 4 November, 2010

The set of Saturn Returns at the Finborough

The Finborough Theatre, a tiny theatre above a pub in Earl’s Court, has won this year’s Empty Space Peter Brook Award for work being done in smaller studio theatres in Britain. The award ceremony was held at the National Theatre Studio on November 2nd.

The Finborough won the award from a shortlist that also included the Menier Chocolate Factory (currently represented on Broadway by its transfers of A Little Night Music and La Cage Aux Folles), Battersea Arts Centre, the Union Theatre, the National Theatre’s Watch this Space season, and Bristol Old Vic’s studio.

Currently playing at the Finborough is Saturn Returns, by the American playwright Noah Haidle. Running alongside on Sunday and Monday nights is The Captive, by Ben Ellis.

Regular visitors to the Finborough will be pleased to know that the bar to which the theatre is umbilically linked is once more serving drinks!

PLEASE NOTE: we appear to have been premature in announcing the re-opening of the bar. As of 10 November, it was still shut! Get drinks from the shop round the corner and take them in!


London 48 Hour Short Film Award 2010

Tuesday, 24 August, 2010

Final Cut

London Festival Fringe – Roxy Bar and Screen, 18 August 2010

The entrants to this competition all have one thing in common: the ability to work to an extremely tight deadline.

Last February each entrant team was given a title and genre, both selected separately and at random, along with a deadline 48 hours later, when they had to submit the final product.

Each of the movies was posted on You Tube and the judges had the tricky task of scoring each movie, all of which are quite different from each other and come from many different genres. They couldn’t have been easy to compare. The winner was selected by a very narrow margin and announced at the end of the screening.

The evening overall was very enjoyable and wonderfully presented by Katya Ozols. Three of the judges were present and went through each of the entrant films giving an individualised critique to each of the teams, much to the interest of the rest of the audience, most of whom seemed to be in the industry. All seven films can be seen on You Tube or via link on the London Festival Fringe site. This is a great opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their skills without incurring huge expense. The judges were clearly enthusiastic about the process and had a lot to say in the Q&A session following the screening and award.

Team: Alma
Title: 3 Lives
Genre: Romance
Director: Mark Withers
On Screen: Trudi Jackson, Matthew Walker, Vivienne Gibbs, Fliss Walton, Lucy Caplin, Al Constantine, Nish, Tim Diggle

This movie was shot with a camcorder and documents the morning of an unconventional London wedding. It was part comedy and part romance.

Team: Art is Useless
Title: The Well of Loneliness
Genre: Suspense
Director: Jimmy Henderson

This movie is true to the genre. The filmmakers take quite a daring option in shooting the film in black and white and without dialogue. To compensate, the makers have used sound, music and beautifully eerie shots to create the atmosphere.

Team: Avocado
Title: What Maisie Knew
Genre: Biography
Director: Pavol Kajan
Writer: Annabel Dearing
Producer: Natalie Thomas
On Screen: Ruth Posner, Rob Lyndon, Provence Maydeo, Lady Suzy

This film was shot as a documentary. An unconvinced presenter interviews a young woman who has perfected the art of speaking with cats. It is a very clever idea and well presented.

Team: Spontaneous Skamp
Title: A day off
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Sophie Windsor Clive
On screen: Sande Schells, Adam Skidmore

This is a quirky movie showing Vincent Van Gough having some down time. The story is told through narration and some very memorable music. The shots and editing are very pleasing and the idea is unique.

Team: Water Rats
Title: Miss Lonely Hearts
Genre: Crime
Director: James Ward
Story: James Ward, Dory Dutton, Samuel Recko, Patric Lyons
Editors: Matthew Tanti, Aaron Moore

The grainy film and film noir shots combine with a very unusual story to create this film. There is nothing run of the mill about this film and all but the most intuitive of spectators will come away with more than a bit of doubt as to what they have actually just seen.

Team: Yardie Style
Title: She
Genre: Mystery
Director: Rhyannon Brand
Writer: Shelley-Ann Higgins
Actor: Lee Neville

The setting and sounds set up a creepy atmosphere. The script and acting maintain it. This short generated a lot of discussion as the version which was screened on the night was different to that which the judges judged. The filmmakers said that they accepted their marks on the original version, however due to a difficulty with editing within the deadline, they decided to present what they felt was the best cut for the entertainment of the audience on the night.

Award Judges: Phil Wood, Manager and Programmer at the Roxy Bar and Screen; Nathan Theys, Director, Film Creatives; Enrique Rovira, Director, Producer,; Kathy Hill, Director, Writer, ‘Down and Out in Cannes

Presenter: Katya Ozols

Reviewed 19 August

(c) Leanne O’Loughlin 2010