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London Awards for Art and Performance, 2012

Thursday, 1 March, 2012

The London Awards are sponsored by One Aldwych Hotel, where the ceremony takes place

Details of the presentation ceremony for this year’s London Awards have been announced. The Awards will be presented in the Axis Restaurant, One Aldwych Hotel, Covent Garden,  on June 20, at 7 pm

The awards recognise an artist or performer who has made an outstanding contribution to their art form. Organisers claim that the London Awards are the country’s most expansive awards, recognising the best in British art and entertainment across 11 categories.

Nominations are based on recent and highly rated reviews of the artist or performer’s work, and a recognition of their talent and skill in their art form. The winners will be chosen by other nominees. Here’s what the organisers have to say.

“As current and excellent practitioners of their art, the nominees themselves are the best people to judge each category. We’ll be asking nominees to pick their top artists or performers to arrive at the shortlist and award winner who will receive the trophy. The shortlist and winner will be announced at the Presentation Ceremony.”

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Fringe Report Awards Announced

Friday, 27 January, 2012

The winners of the last ever Fringe Report awards have been announced. The presentation of the Awards will take place at the Leicester Square Theatre on 6 February.

Elliot Grove (Outstanding Achievement Award – Film)

Steve Forster (Best PR – Theatre)

Flavia Fraser-Cannon (Best Creative – Producer, Photographer, Publicist)

Paul L Martin (Best Producer – Cabaret)

Sibyl Madrigal (Best Music Curator – for Boat-Ting)

Performers Without Borders (Best Encouragers of Talent)

Steve Henwood & Wendy Matthews (Best Festival Directors)

Guy Chapman (Outstanding Achievement Award – PR)

Kiki Kendrick - Best creative, actor and writer

Kiki Kendrick (Best Creative – Actor and Writer)

Becky Talbot (Best Presenter – Radio)

Kevin Sampson (Outstanding Achievement Award – Literature & Film)

Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre (Best Theatre Company)

Sasha Regan (Best Venue Director)

Adam Morley (Best Director – Theatre & Film)

Ricky Dukes (Best Artistic Director (Lazarus Theatre Company))

James Hyland (Best Performer – Solo Show (for A Christmas Carol / Jacob Marley))

Paul Sayers & Simon Bolton (Best Shakespeare Producers (Rooftop Theatre))

Paul Levy (Best Publisher)

Tactful Cactus (Best Short Film – Starcrossed)

Alison Wright (Best PR – Arts)

Stuart Price (Best Creative – Director & Writer)

Laura Pitt-Pulford (Best Performer – Musical (for Parade at Southwark Playhouse)

Alexander Parsonage (Best Artistic Director (Finger In The Pie))

Andy McQuade (Best Director – Theatre)

Catherine Brogan (Best Poet)

These awards will be presented in London on Monday 6 February 2012 – details of the event are at


Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2012 has opened for submissions

Friday, 6 January, 2012

Film makers invited to submit for the 14th Showcase event

Recognised internationally as a leading showcase of short films and renowned for its championing of emerging and established creative talent, Rushes Soho Shorts has built a phenomenal following and maintains a significant bridge between the independent and commercial filmmaking communities.

The annual not-for-profit festival celebrates the previous year’s best director in each of eight competitive categories.


Short Film Award – live action work under 15mins, from long standing filmmakers Newcomer Award – live action work under 15mins, from new filmmakers


International  Award – live action work under 15mins, from new and long standing filmmakers


Animation Award – animated work under 15mins from new and long standing filmmakers Documentary Award – factual work under 15mins from new and long standing filmmakers Music Video Award – promo work under 15mins from new and long standing filmmakers Long Form Award – live action work under 30mins from new and long standing filmmakers Pushing Boundaries Award – brilliantly creative, experimental work or branded content under 5mins from new and long standing filmmakers

Work can be submitted at   The competition entry fee is £15. Students £10.  Films can be submitted up until 5th April, with the shortlisted films being announced early in June.





Fringe Report Awards – Nominate Now!

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

What better way to contemplate the season of goodwill than by thinking of all those performers, technicians, comedians and other fringe participants who have given you a particular thrill during the year. Then, when you’ve pencilled them into your final list (watch out for mince-pie stains and that you don’t spill the mulled wine), you can send them off to Fringe Report as your individual nominations for a Fringe Report Award.

The FR Awards are one of the few ways that the achievements of Fringe performers are ever recognised, and of course the night itself is also the excuse for a big party too.

You don’t have to think about categories or specific types of performance either – if you know a fireating sword-swallower whose act has gone down a storm, then let us know. Just tell us a bit about why you think your nominee should be receiving some special recognition. Click this link for more.

Party Night! The Fringe Report Awards

And of course if you’re a PR person looking after a youth brand or a charity that’s looking to recognise and reward the special demands of Fringe performance, then let us know too. We’ll show you how you can get involved for an outlay that makes sense to your situation.

In either case (to nominate someone or donate or sponsor an award or the party!) please get in touch with John. Nominations to; you can email him at or you can click this link for more information. We’d love to hear from you!


Make the Fringe Report Awards even more special. Do you know someone who can help?

Friday, 12 November, 2010

The Fringe Report Awards Need Supporters

The ever-amazing Fringe Report Awards, one of the few pieces of recognition that Fringe performers are ever likely to receive, are an established part of the Fringe calendar – as well as being the occasion for a great party!

'Yeah! We got one!' Another winner of a Fringe Report Award. (c) Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Over the years, they’ve run with the support of a number of individuals, charitable organisations and commercial companies who have made the occasion possible.

We know that the Fringe Report Awards help to put the spotlight on deserving venues, performers, production teams and everyone working in the Fringe throughout Britain and around the world.

Now, the Fringe Report Awards needs a new set of supporters and donors, people or companies or organisations who can give as little – as £100 – or as

At the Fringe Report Awards, the Fringe's big party! (c) Bo Wilson

much as they want – to help the Fringe Report Awards survive and grow. In return, we’ll try to give everyone who helps as much recognition as possible, as well as our profuse thanks.

If you know someone who might help, if you are a PR with a client who could benefit from some exposure or if you can help yourself, email
Supporting the Fringe Report Awards may not get you in the Honours List, but you’ll be sure of a place at the heart of fringe performance.