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Fringe Report Awards Announced

Friday, 27 January, 2012

The winners of the last ever Fringe Report awards have been announced. The presentation of the Awards will take place at the Leicester Square Theatre on 6 February.

Elliot Grove (Outstanding Achievement Award – Film)

Steve Forster (Best PR – Theatre)

Flavia Fraser-Cannon (Best Creative – Producer, Photographer, Publicist)

Paul L Martin (Best Producer – Cabaret)

Sibyl Madrigal (Best Music Curator – for Boat-Ting)

Performers Without Borders (Best Encouragers of Talent)

Steve Henwood & Wendy Matthews (Best Festival Directors)

Guy Chapman (Outstanding Achievement Award – PR)

Kiki Kendrick - Best creative, actor and writer

Kiki Kendrick (Best Creative – Actor and Writer)

Becky Talbot (Best Presenter – Radio)

Kevin Sampson (Outstanding Achievement Award – Literature & Film)

Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre (Best Theatre Company)

Sasha Regan (Best Venue Director)

Adam Morley (Best Director – Theatre & Film)

Ricky Dukes (Best Artistic Director (Lazarus Theatre Company))

James Hyland (Best Performer – Solo Show (for A Christmas Carol / Jacob Marley))

Paul Sayers & Simon Bolton (Best Shakespeare Producers (Rooftop Theatre))

Paul Levy (Best Publisher)

Tactful Cactus (Best Short Film – Starcrossed)

Alison Wright (Best PR – Arts)

Stuart Price (Best Creative – Director & Writer)

Laura Pitt-Pulford (Best Performer – Musical (for Parade at Southwark Playhouse)

Alexander Parsonage (Best Artistic Director (Finger In The Pie))

Andy McQuade (Best Director – Theatre)

Catherine Brogan (Best Poet)

These awards will be presented in London on Monday 6 February 2012 – details of the event are at


Fringe Report Awards 2011 – Kate Bannister & Karl Swinyard

Monday, 13 June, 2011

Karl Swinyard & Kate Bannister accepted a Fringe Report Award for Best Venue Directors at the Brockley Jack Theatre ( on Thursday 12 May 2011.  Kate Bannister is the artistic director of the theatre, and Karl Swinyard the theatre manager.

The award citation reads: The award celebrates the imaginative and inspired work of artistic director Kate Bannister and theatre manager Karl Swinyard in making The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre an outstanding venue for exciting theatre; and for encouraging the development of new talent, both in the performance of new work, and in the evolution of new writers


Fringe Report Awards Night. Will you be at the Fringe Party of the Year?

Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

Fringe Report Awards 2011

Fringe Report Awards - The Fringe's Big Night Out. Cast and crew of Yard Gal receive their award in 2009. (c) Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

The fun and funky (as ever!) Fringe Report Awards Ceremony takes place on Monday 7 February 2011 in the heart of London’s West End, at The Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX.

Awards are presented by the lovely Emma Taylor, and the equally lovely Martin Witts, Nicola Haydn and John Park.

* 19:00 Theatre opens
* 20:00 Awards Ceremony, followed by reception.
* 23:00 Ends

Timings Note
Please be on time. The awards start at 20:00. No admissions after 20:00.

Dress Code
There is no dress code, it’s informal, please wear whatever you like.

Photography and Filming
We will be taking photographs, the event will be filmed and a soundtrack made. By coming to the awards you are giving your consent for your image and voice to be used by us. You are welcome to take photographs during the evening of your friends and colleagues collecting awards. Please do this with consideration for other people. We’ll very much welcome receiving copies of your photographs after the event to to use on Fringe Report and in publicity.

Drinks & Reception
Drinks before the awards are available from the theatre’s bars at their normal prices. There is a reception in the theatre after the awards, and all attending the awards are invited. The reception is free, and includes red and white wine, orange juice and water, and light food. If you’d like other soft or alcoholic drinks these can be bought from the theatre bars at normal prices. The reception can only happen because of  the generosity of donors whom we thank.

Rain, Hail, Snow – And Not Showing Up
* We generally issue invitations first-come first-served till the venue capacity of 400 is reached.
* We then start a waiting list.
* If we invite you and you accept, and if you don’t come – you will stop someone on the waiting list from coming.
* Usually on awards night in early February in London there is heavy snow or torrential rain.
* Please don’t ask for an invitation if very heavy rain and snow means you will not come at the last minute, or will not be able to get home.
* Bring an umbrella.

No Guests, No Plus-ones, No Multiple Applications
* Each person who wishes to attend must apply individually from their own email address
* We don’t use these email addresses for anything except the awards
* Don’t ask to bring a guest, or for a plus-one. Each must apply themselves from their own email address.
* Don’t apply on behalf of members of your company. Each must apply themselves from their own email address.
* We won’t reply to multiple applications or those asking for plus-ones.

To ask for a single invitation, please make your request to from your personal email address. We do not use these addresses except for the awards. We aim to reply quickly except as noted above. The address, date and time of the event are at the top of this note.

We look forward to seeing you!


“Someone I know deserves an FR Award…”

Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

Happy New Year, and in amongst all the feasting, please remember those performers who made 2010 really special for you.

Send in your nominations for this year's Fringe Report Awards. It's a great party too!

It doesn’t take much effort, just an email. And you could help reward the really deserving performers, technicians, writers, comedians, producers and directors who have sent shivers down your back in 2010. The Fringe Report Awards are much more chic and fashionable than the X Factor or the Apprentice, and winning one is nearly as exclusive!

SEND AWARD NOMINATIONS for Fringe Report Awards 2011 to  Details at

And the Fringe Report Awards is the Leicester Square party night that you can attend, and cheer on your nominees at the fringe party of the year!

FRINGE REPORT AWARDS 2011 are on Monday 7 February 2011.  We’ll be sending out invitations early in January.  If you’re not on our mailing list, you can register your interest in receiving an invite by emailing ‘subscribe’ to and asking for an invite in your email.  People on the mailing list receive Fringe Report’s monthly newsletter and an invite to the awards; there’s no spam, your details are not passed on, and you can unsubscribe any time.

Please don’t request an invite unless you can come. (Really). We’d love to see you, but if you don’t show up on the night, you’ll be taking a place from someone else, and what we really love is a full theatre and lots of atmosphere.

And finally, if you or a company or charity or some other organisation would like to get involved and help the Awards with money or in some other way, please do get in touch!


The Guardian Blog talks theatre money

Monday, 22 November, 2010

The Guardian’s Theatre Blog has been talking corporate funding. Here’s what the paper’s Chris Wilkinson has to say, with a lot of very big numbers being revealed!

“We begin this week by raising a glass to Guy Yedwab of the Culture Future blog. Yedwab is discussing (or perhaps toasting) the role that alcohol plays in creating theatre. He was intrigued by the news that Punchdrunk have recently cut a deal to promote Stella Artois. He points out that this is really “just a symbol of the relationship the arts have today with alcohol. I’ve joked about it before, but the young theater companies I know are basically in the debt of the alcohol industry. We get people to come to our fundraisers through the lure of alcohol, among other things.” Far from being nervous about this kind of corporate sponsorship, he explains that he is currently trying to arrange something between his own theatre company and an alcohol distributor and points out that one of his “favorite art groups”, Fresh Ground Pepper, has “kept its commitment to not charging tickets largely through its sale of alcohol – and here I am jealous that they’ve got the hook-up!”

Cast and crew of 'Yard Gal' from the Oval House receive their Fringe Report Award

“Although it should never be seen as a substitute for public funding, this kind of creative approach to fundraising is going to become ever more important. As arts organisations struggle to make ends meet, not only are they going to have to think laterally about where they get their income from, they are going to need to cut their costs as well. It is this fact that makes the recent revelations about the astronomically high pay for the top executives at the Royal Opera House all the more shocking. Aleks Sierz explains that: “Tony Hall, the ROH’ s chief executive, earns more than £390,000 a year while Antonio Pappano, the conductor and musical director, earns £630,000.” And he goes on to point out that “the truth is mind-boggling: at a time when lots of small arts groups are facing an end to their subsidy, which is often less than the salaries of each of these individuals, the ROH fat rats are shamelessly racking it in!”

Needless to say, Chris’s views aren’t (necessarily) those of Fringe Report Uncut, but if there are any potential sponsors, donors and supporters (whether producers of beer or not) out there, then the Fringe Report Awards might be a good place to come. A valuable youth audience, an amazing platform for PR, celebrities? (Well, minor ones). The Fringe Report can give a bored PR almost everything a brand could wish for, at a bargain-basement cracking price that’s probably less than a lunch for the MD.

Want to find out more? Email for details!


Awards Stack Up for the Finborough

Thursday, 18 November, 2010

and downstairs is now an OPEN wine bar

The Finborough Theatre has become the winner of three major recent awards.

In addition to its earlier Empty Space Peter Brook award 2010, the theatre has also received the Writers’ Guild New Writing Encouragement Award 2010 for artistic director Neil McPherson, and Pearson’s Catherine Johnson Award for best play for playwright-in-residence Anders Lustgarten.

Finborough’s Neil McPherson is a past Fringe Report Award winner too.

Perhaps the best news though for patrons of the tiny theatre is that the bar to which this theatre is attached has now re-opened.


Make the Fringe Report Awards even more special. Do you know someone who can help?

Friday, 12 November, 2010

The Fringe Report Awards Need Supporters

The ever-amazing Fringe Report Awards, one of the few pieces of recognition that Fringe performers are ever likely to receive, are an established part of the Fringe calendar – as well as being the occasion for a great party!

'Yeah! We got one!' Another winner of a Fringe Report Award. (c) Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Over the years, they’ve run with the support of a number of individuals, charitable organisations and commercial companies who have made the occasion possible.

We know that the Fringe Report Awards help to put the spotlight on deserving venues, performers, production teams and everyone working in the Fringe throughout Britain and around the world.

Now, the Fringe Report Awards needs a new set of supporters and donors, people or companies or organisations who can give as little – as £100 – or as

At the Fringe Report Awards, the Fringe's big party! (c) Bo Wilson

much as they want – to help the Fringe Report Awards survive and grow. In return, we’ll try to give everyone who helps as much recognition as possible, as well as our profuse thanks.

If you know someone who might help, if you are a PR with a client who could benefit from some exposure or if you can help yourself, email
Supporting the Fringe Report Awards may not get you in the Honours List, but you’ll be sure of a place at the heart of fringe performance.