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Fringe Report Awards Night. Will you be at the Fringe Party of the Year?

Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

Fringe Report Awards 2011

Fringe Report Awards - The Fringe's Big Night Out. Cast and crew of Yard Gal receive their award in 2009. (c) Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

The fun and funky (as ever!) Fringe Report Awards Ceremony takes place on Monday 7 February 2011 in the heart of London’s West End, at The Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX.

Awards are presented by the lovely Emma Taylor, and the equally lovely Martin Witts, Nicola Haydn and John Park.

* 19:00 Theatre opens
* 20:00 Awards Ceremony, followed by reception.
* 23:00 Ends

Timings Note
Please be on time. The awards start at 20:00. No admissions after 20:00.

Dress Code
There is no dress code, it’s informal, please wear whatever you like.

Photography and Filming
We will be taking photographs, the event will be filmed and a soundtrack made. By coming to the awards you are giving your consent for your image and voice to be used by us. You are welcome to take photographs during the evening of your friends and colleagues collecting awards. Please do this with consideration for other people. We’ll very much welcome receiving copies of your photographs after the event to to use on Fringe Report and in publicity.

Drinks & Reception
Drinks before the awards are available from the theatre’s bars at their normal prices. There is a reception in the theatre after the awards, and all attending the awards are invited. The reception is free, and includes red and white wine, orange juice and water, and light food. If you’d like other soft or alcoholic drinks these can be bought from the theatre bars at normal prices. The reception can only happen because of  the generosity of donors whom we thank.

Rain, Hail, Snow – And Not Showing Up
* We generally issue invitations first-come first-served till the venue capacity of 400 is reached.
* We then start a waiting list.
* If we invite you and you accept, and if you don’t come – you will stop someone on the waiting list from coming.
* Usually on awards night in early February in London there is heavy snow or torrential rain.
* Please don’t ask for an invitation if very heavy rain and snow means you will not come at the last minute, or will not be able to get home.
* Bring an umbrella.

No Guests, No Plus-ones, No Multiple Applications
* Each person who wishes to attend must apply individually from their own email address
* We don’t use these email addresses for anything except the awards
* Don’t ask to bring a guest, or for a plus-one. Each must apply themselves from their own email address.
* Don’t apply on behalf of members of your company. Each must apply themselves from their own email address.
* We won’t reply to multiple applications or those asking for plus-ones.

To ask for a single invitation, please make your request to from your personal email address. We do not use these addresses except for the awards. We aim to reply quickly except as noted above. The address, date and time of the event are at the top of this note.

We look forward to seeing you!


Fringe Report Awards – Nominate Now!

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

What better way to contemplate the season of goodwill than by thinking of all those performers, technicians, comedians and other fringe participants who have given you a particular thrill during the year. Then, when you’ve pencilled them into your final list (watch out for mince-pie stains and that you don’t spill the mulled wine), you can send them off to Fringe Report as your individual nominations for a Fringe Report Award.

The FR Awards are one of the few ways that the achievements of Fringe performers are ever recognised, and of course the night itself is also the excuse for a big party too.

You don’t have to think about categories or specific types of performance either – if you know a fireating sword-swallower whose act has gone down a storm, then let us know. Just tell us a bit about why you think your nominee should be receiving some special recognition. Click this link for more.

Party Night! The Fringe Report Awards

And of course if you’re a PR person looking after a youth brand or a charity that’s looking to recognise and reward the special demands of Fringe performance, then let us know too. We’ll show you how you can get involved for an outlay that makes sense to your situation.

In either case (to nominate someone or donate or sponsor an award or the party!) please get in touch with John. Nominations to; you can email him at or you can click this link for more information. We’d love to hear from you!