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Arnold Wesker’s Denial, at the King’s Head, Islington

Friday, 11 May, 2012

Directed by Fringe Report Award-Winner, Adam Spreadbury-Mather. On now

Arnold Wesker

Arnold Wesker, playwright, says this about the 2012 production of Denial at the King’s Head Theatre:

“One day someone from my past rang to tell me he had a story which he thought would made a good play: Something awful that had happened to his friends. I sighed. But within minutes of hearing what had happened to his friends I knew that this story was ‘speaking’ to me.”

“This material, about his friends’ daughter who had turned on them with dreadful, unfounded accusations of sexual abuse when she was a child was more than a story about a painful, domestic injustice; it was about the theme of manipulation – the therapist as manipulator.”

“I met the couple – a middleclass couple from North London – and taped many hours of their story. I never met ‘Valerie’, the therapist, but I read documents she’d written, and documents about her.  She is still practicing, and organises weekend conferences on the dubious topic of ‘recovered memories of child abuse’.”

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